Which one is better, books or movies?

By now you’ve probably heard, as all of us, a good dozen of times that movies will never compare to books. Yet whether you choose to stick with one side of the debate or the other, the truth is that most people would still rather prefer to see a movie.

Why? The reasons can vary, but oftentimes it boils down to the simple fact that people crave visual experience. It stays in our memory for much longer and moves us far more than words can.

In the world of eCommerce, your store’s look is that very experience. Sure, there may be no characters or plot, but the core stays the same - it’s all about people, looking for an image they can resonate with. And this is why ensuring smooth UX/UI can become so essential in connecting with your audience and building your brand. 

In reality, however, this goal is often ridden with a number of obstacles. One of the particularly annoying ones is  incompatibility between your store’s apps, which requires additional integration and setup and can slow down your site’s load speed. So to help you with this, we’re actively working on integrating our themes with a variety of apps to ensure that your store can run smoothly with us.

And this is why we’re quite excited to announce our latest integration with Growave -  an all-in-one marketing platform for Shopify.

Growave lets you connect with your customers and engage them with a variety of social marketing tools, such as Wishlists, Reviews, Rewards, Social Login and Instagram galleries. And with this new integration, the features have become fully compatible with all of our themes, meaning that you don’t need to integrate the app manually the way you’d need before, as the process has been fully automated.

Furthermore, we have fully adjusted Growave’s features design to our layouts so as to create a smooth and seamless blending of the interface elements on your website. So from Wishlist tabs to Reviews and Q&A section - everything has been tailored to match the look of your store exactly and create an organic experience for your customers. 

On top of that, the load speed of your store will stay as fast as always, since our integration allows for an easy and effective communication between the apps that doesn’t affect your website performance.

So no more problems with the setup, design compatibility or page-load speed. Now you can get any of our themes - from clean and multicolor Gecko to soft and vibrant Elessi - and be sure that your UI stays smooth, versatile and engaging at all times, winning you the freedom to decide how your brand gets perceived.

Start using Growave today by click to THIS LINK, you will get extended 30-day free trial.....Let's boost your sale today with The4 and Growave :)