We can see that the Arab emirate is growing in e-commerce. I meet a lot of clients who use Shopify themes like Kalles, Gecko, Molla , Elessi , Basel and they have a strict requirement for RTL support in the theme. Everything is pretty good, the Shopify themes from The4 already support RTL and you can easily toggle it on and off. We hope Kalles, Gecko, Molla will be the first choice for customers using RTL in their store.


Why should you use an Arabic theme instead of an app?

As you all know, The4 themes are built to optimize conversion rates including integrating many advanced features with fast page loading. Using our theme many customers have been amazed at the change in conversion rates, and we often advise against installing too many third-party apps. This is also the main reason I recommend not installing RTL app as it will increase resource requests to your Shopify store and negatively affect page loading speed.

Take a look at an example RTL in the Kalles Premium Shopify theme

Kalles slider in LTR language

And try to enable RTL via the built-in option on Kalles. It takes 2 seconds to switch your store from LTR to RTL, great isn't it.

Kalles slider in RTL language

So where can I see the demo store?

You can view the demo store HERE 


Are the functions of the RTL different from the LTR?

No, they are actually the same thing and we are working for RTL support. It's a bit difficult to explain but you just need to understand that every feature is as complete as the LTR.


How can I buy

You can purchase all RTL supported themes here. Just choose a theme that suits your store and start your journey of making money.


So what about support?

You will be supported in both English and Arabic and we will have local Arabic speaking staff to assist you but you have to pay additional for premium assistance.