Hello, today we are pleased to present to you our updated version Gecko 4.0. We sincerely hope it will help grow your business. 

Before reading all new points, please note that this video below will help you understand how to update the theme.

+ Updating the theme will not move all custom code which you have edited on theme files
+ Updating the theme will not move integrated code from a third-party app, you must do it again
+ The update can only move all configuration from the old version to latest version

1- New premade-demo

We spent a lot of time researching and developing new layouts for specific topics like baby, pet, yoga ….. You can see our demo links on our landing page

2- New header layouts

We added 3 new header layouts which are especially helpful for market and technical stores. See the image below.

3- New import demo method

In previous versions, we integrated sample data into the theme file which had a negative effect on our user experience when it came to customizing (as it took a long time to load). With the release of Gecko 4.0, all sample data will be attached in the folder DEMO DATA, which is available in the download package from ThemeForest.

Please drag a file in this folder

To install, simply go to the Import demo in the usual way and drag home-‘name’.json (for example home-technical.json) and click on Import demo.
You’ll need one more operations to import the sample data, but we believe performance will be greatly improved throughout your use of Gecko.

Drop JSON file here.
It will load a preview image for this layout.

4- License verification

In Gecko 4.0, we add new features which will require users to enter their purchase code after installing our theme. This way, we can better serve our customers and at the same time make it fair for our buyers. So please note that you’ll have one purchase code to use the theme, and one for theme support at https://support.the4.co.

Please note that even if your purchase code has expired, you can still can use it for verification after installing the updated theme, however you must have a valid purchase code to submit a ticket.

A screen require enter purchase code after install theme
A screenshot you enter exist purchase code
A screenshot if invalid purchase code

5- New header icon

We added a new icon called GECKO ICONS. You can find it in Theme Settings > Header

6- SVG logo supported

You can use SVG to make a logo with high quality here

You must upload your SVG file to Setting > Files

7- New tab style

We added some tab layout for product tab sections, you can see it below.

8 – 3 new banner sections

These added banners will allow you write your own HTML content, and will greatly improve your banner layout 


Thank you so much and I hope you will like Gecko 4.0. We are also happy to inform you that we have plans to release Gecko 5.0 in the near future. In this version, we will focus on a completely new core. That means all new configuration options and improved speed.

We are also open to comments and suggestions to get our customer insights for adding new features. If there is something you would like to see, just leave your comments here. We are happy to hear them and will do our best to include them in future updates.

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Thank you!