Nitro Lookbook – Config your theme

NOTE: To make sure you don’t want use lookbook in the future, you can duplicate theme to create a backup version

The first, you need go to App and click to EMBED CODE

This action only need when you install app at the first time

When you active another theme and want use lookbook, you need do this action again, we need add some code to your theme to make lookbook work properly

If you paste lookbook shortcode but nothing show ?

You need,Go to Theme lists and select Edit HTML/CSS

  • Find templates/pages.liquid for PageReplace {{ page.cotent }} by {% include ‘shortcode’ load: page.content %}

  • Find templates/article.liquid for BlogReplace {{article.content}} by {% include ‘shortcode’ load: article.content%}

  • Find templates/product.liquid For productReplace {{ product.content }} by {% include ‘shortcode’ load: product.content %}

Or you can contact us via email:, I’ll Help you do it

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